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        Earl's Repair Service, Inc. is a Factory Direct Walther Representative in the U.S. as well as an Importer, Distributor, and Factory Authorized Service and Warranty Repair Center for Carl Walther GmbH products including all pistols, rifles, spare parts, and accessories manufactured in Ulm, Germany.
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PEAK PERFORMANCE. IN ANY SITUATION. Outmatched by no one. Walther continues their tradition of superiority with a handgun designed specifically for those who only buy the best and nothing less. This is the ultimate representation of high-class performance in an optic ready compact size package that just can’t be found anywhere else. A feat in firearm engineering that simply must be felt to be believed, the Q4 Steel Frame will surpass all expectations with its unrivaled accuracy and proficiency. Its steel frame – precision machined from solid steel billet – improves ergonomics with a wrap-around grip panel, extended beavertail, full length picatinny rail and recessed slide release. The weight distribution of the steel frame drastically reduces recoil to improve shooter performance, ultimately contributing to overall efficiency. A testament to Walther’s enduring legacy of excellence, the Q4 Steel Frame delivers peak performance when you need it most. Featuring Walther’s legendary barrel, serrated LPA sights as well as front and rear serrations, plus the option for optics for when the situation demands it. The advantages this handgun delivers are undeniable. The Q4 Steel Frame from Walther is an accomplishment that encompasses everything shooters desire in a premier firearm for dynamic shooting capable of outlasting even the toughest conditions.


PPQ Q4 Match Series Brochure
Technical Data PPQ Q4 Steel Frame
PPQ Q4 Steel Frame Manual

Semi-automatic Pistols. 100% German made.
PPQ Q4 Semi-automatic Pistols
Part Number Description Caliber
Q4 Polymer Framed 9mm Pic $795.00 Order
Q4 Steel Framed non-optic ready 9mm Pic $1295.00 Order
Q4 Steel Framed optic ready 9mm Pic $1395.00 Order
New PPQ Q4 Tac with extended Threaded barrel 9mm Pic $895.00 Order
PPQ M2/Q4 Magazine, 10 Shots 9mm Pic $ 45.00 Order
PPQ M2/Q4 Magazine, 15 Shots 9mm Pic $ 40.00 Order
PPQ M2/Q4 Magazine, 17 Shots 9mm Pic $ 50.00 Order

48n Guiderod 9mm Pic $35.00 Order
PPQ, Q4, Q5 Dynamic Trigger (with fire control add $80.00) 9mm Pic $145.00 Order
Q5 Rear Sight 9mm Pic $95.00 Order
Q4 Leupold Adaptor 9mm Pic $75.00 Order
Q4 LPA Adaptor 9mm Pic $75.00 Order
Q4 Sights 9mm Pic $150.00 Order
Q4 Co-Witness Sight Base 9mm Pic NLA Order
Q4 Threaded bbl 9mm Pic $295.00 Order
Q4 Trigger Spring Kit 9mm Pic $25.00 Order
Q4 Black Magazine Well 9mm Pic $ 95.00 Order
Q4 PS Front Sight 9mm Pic $45.00 Order
2814285 Q4 Red Fiber Optic Front Sight 9mm Pic $45.00 Order
Q4 SF Al Mag Release (large teardrop) 9mm Pic $ 75.00 Order
Q4 SF Al Mag Release (small rounded) 9mm Pic $ 65.00 Order
Q4 +2 Magazine Ext. 9mm Pic $ 45.00 Order
2841525 Q4 Extended Magazine Release 9mm Pic $ 75.00 Order
2854601 Q5 / Q4 SF aluminum grips, grey 9mm Pic $ 145.00 Order
2854627 Q5 / Q4 SF aluminum grips, Dark Brown 9mm Pic $ 145.00 Order
2854697 Q5 / Q4 SF aluminum grips, Black 9mm Pic $ 145.00 Order
2854619 Q5 / Q4 SF aluminum grips, Blue 9mm Pic $ 145.00 Order