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        Earl's Repair Service, Inc. is a Factory Direct Walther Representative in the U.S. as well as an Importer, Distributor, and Factory Authorized Service and Warranty Repair Center for Carl Walther GmbH products including all pistols, rifles, spare parts, and accessories manufactured in Ulm, Germany.
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Schuetze Action, fun, sport, speed, high velocity - catchwords for modern leisure activities. Now we are bringing fun into target shooting - the P22 makes fun shooting an experience.

The compact design, 3/4 scale of the P99, and style of a modern defense pistol in caliber .22 l.r. with all the advantages of a large caliber allow for reasonable practice firing or just to enjoy shooting. Based on a modular assembly concept. The P22 makes it possible to vary the equipment. The barrel can be rapidly changed or by means of the mounting base, a point sight can be fitted.

- Optimal hand support through interchangeable backstrap
- Compact design
- Single- and Double Action
- All control elements on left and right side
- Internal trigger lock, loaded chamber indicator, magazine safety, firing pin and drop safety provide utmost protection against accidents.
- Modern and innovative design
- Lightweight polymer frame (only 480 g incl. magazine)
- Higher accuracy because of the barrel fixed to the frame
- Precise aiming with adjustable rear sight width and interchangeable front sight with contrasting dots.
- Simple change of barrel makes a standard or a target version possible

Technical data:
Caliber.....................: .22 l.r.
Dimensions (l/h/w):159/114/29
Weight....................: 480g
Barrel length..........: 87mm
Trigger pull............: DA 4.600 kg
...................................SA 1.200 kg
Magazine cap.........: 10

P22 Brochure in pdf format
P22 Semi-automatic Pistols
100% German made.
Part Number Description Caliber Retail Price
See the P22Q .22 LR Order
2659301 P22 Conversion bbl, 127mm .22 LR Pic $ 150.00 Order
Combination Kit: P22 Conversion bbl, 127mm with P22 Laser & Flashlight Module, quick detachable. Includes Replacement Compensator (required). Pic
$ 475.00 Order
2659336 Magazine P22, Flat bottom 10-Shots .22 LR Pic $ 30.00 Order
2659344 Magazine P22, Finger Ext. 10-Shots .22 LR Pic $ 30.00 Order
Oversize Hard Anodized Finger Extension Magazine Base for P22 machined from 7075 aluminum.  Pic Sold Out Order
512112 P 22 Bridge-Mount with Weaver scope rail. Black plastic. (attaches to accessory rail)   Pic $ 45.00 Order
P 22 Suppressor Adaptor. Replaces stock barrel nut. 1/2-28 with thread protector. Pic $ 45.00 Order
2676176 P22 ABS Pistol Case. Precut for Accessories  Pic Pic $ 95.00 Order
P22 Suppressor, 1/2-28 thread. (N.F.A. Class III Item)

.22 LR

$ 295.00 Order
NEW PPS MTV-701-A1 X2L Laser / LED flashlight.
Dealer discounts available. 
Pic $ 350.00 Order
NEW PPS MTV-700-A1 X2 LED Compact Lamp.
Dealer discounts available.
Pic $ 225.00 Order
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    Parts Diagram, Exploded View [PDF]